ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV

Editorial policies

License agreement and copyright policy:
Ufa Archaeological Herald is an open access journal, established by the Order of the Badge of Honor Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IHLL UFRC RAS). It is licensed under a CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License). 

All published articles and text presented on the journal’s official web-site are available to be:

  • Read, printed, copied and shared in any medium or format
  • Adapted, transformed fully or partly and then used for educational, scientific or other purposes, including commercial

Under the following terms:

  • Appropriate credit – each non-original publication of research materials must contain the name of its creator and the title of the journal, a copyright notice, a license notice and a link to the original article
  • No additional restrictions – none of the users can apply measures that restrict others from doing anything the license permits, for example prevent access to the journal's website, charge for articles etc.

Confidentiality policy:
All manuscripts submitted to the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” are kept confidential prior to their publication. The editors and reviewers are not allowed to share or discuss any details of the manuscripts under consideration with third parties outside of the editorial or review process. Confidential data or ideas obtained through editorial or peer review process cannot be distributed in any format or used for personal advantage. 

Plagiarism policy:

The Ufa Archaeological Herald publishes high-quality research papers which adhere to scientific principles. Authors submitting manuscripts to the journal guarantee that:

  • their research is original;
  • their manuscript is not published or concurrently submitted for publication elsewhere;
  • any published or unpublished work of others cited within their manuscript is properly credited.   

Editorial board of the Ufa Archaeological Herald uses “Antiplagiat” ( by JSC “Antiplagiat”, an online service that screens submitted manuscripts for text overlap.

Submitted manuscripts that contain significant amounts of inappropriately borrowed materials are rejected for publication. If plagiarism becomes evident post-publication, all named authors and their institutions are informed about the case and their paper is retracted.  

Funding policy:

Publication in the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” brings no costs for the authors. Manuscript submission, editing and reviewing services as well as article publishing services are free of charge. The journal’s work is funded by the publisher (IHLL UFRC RAS). 

Advertising policy:

The editorial board adheres to the ethical standards with accordance to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No 2124-1 of December 27, 1997 ‘On Mass Media’ as amended on July 07, 2021. The “Ufa Archaeological Herald” does not publish any advertisement or related materials and does not endorse any product or service promoted by authors of the journal’s articles.

Repository policy:

With reference to the terms and conditions of the CC BY 4.0 license authors are entitled to use the final published version of an article for archiving in an institutional or national repositories immediately upon publication.

Under the following terms:

  • Proper attribution – the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” should be clearly attributed as the initial place of the article’s publication.
  • Citation – correct and full citation details must be given.

Authors are strongly encouraged to deposit the URL/DOI of their published article in any repository, in addition to the PDF version.

Data retention policy:

Information about all articles, published in the journal, could be found:

  • On the official website of the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” ( It contains PDF versions of all articles and full issues of the journal and allows users to search by author, issue or article name.
  • On the webpage of the Scientific Electronic Library (SEL) orru ( where you can use the Advanced Search options such as: the search by keyword, author(s), title and section.
  • On the webpage of the online scientific open access library CyberLeninka (
  • On the website of the Order of the Badge of Honor Institute of History, Language and Literature of the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (

    According to the Federal Law № 2124-1 of 27 December 1991 (in the version of 14.07.2022) “On Mass Media”, within 7 days after the publication of a new issue mandatory copies of the journal are sent to the web-sites of the following organizations:

Printed issues of the journal are deposited and permanently stored in the Russian Book Chamber (ITAR TASS), Russian State Library and the other main libraries of the Russian Federation. 

Archiving policy:

The editorial board of the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” is committed to maintain the selection and preservation of the journal’s archive and to ensure its permanent availability to the users. Three main aims of our archiving policy are:

  • To fully meet the national standards for the preservation of the scholarly record
  • To register and publish scientific articles with reference to the high professional standards
  • To ensure a constant worldwide free access to the archived data in accordance to the Open Access policy requirements

The journal’s archive contains full texts of all articles, reviews, abstracts and references published in the “Ufa Archaeological Herald”. These materials are of great scientific value as they include descriptions of the most important findings and key results of research conducted in the field of archaeology and related disciplines. Full texts of all articles published in the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” could also be found on the official websites of the journal and its publisher, as well as in a number of safe open access archives like the Scientific Electronic Library (SEL) or and CyberLeninka.

Self-archiving policy:

Authors of the articles published in the “Ufa Archaeological Herald” are permitted to store their final published versions on personal websites or publish them in any suitable databases provided that they identify the title and the issue of the journal, where the article was initially published. Therefore, authors are encouraged to use the publisher’s PDF version of the article or provide a link from the deposited version to the URL/DOI of the published article on the official journal’s website.
Privacy policy:
The editorial board of the journal collects the following types of personal information from the authors:

  • first name
  • family name
  • patronym (if available)
  • phone number
  • name of the institution with which the author is affiliated
  • postal address and e-mail of this institution

After the moment of the article’s publication, this data becomes available to a wide range of people. Authors provide written consent to the processing of the aforementioned types of personal data, when they submit their manuscripts and related materials for publication. 

Personal data collection is carried out for the benefit of authors, readers and reviewers for the purpose of correct accounting and citation of the published articles and in order to ensure proper interactions between the journal’s authors and the other members of scientific community.

Additional types of personal information (such as additional phone numbers and e-mails) received from the authors are used exclusively to keep contact between the author and the editorial board in course of the editorial, peer review and publication processes. Members of the editorial board undertake not to share this kind of personal information with third parties outside of the editorial process.


ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV