ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV

New data on mesolithic of the Pechora river basin

Year: 2022

Pages: 6-14

UDC: 903.42 (470.13)

Number: Volume 22, issue 1

Type: scientific article

BBK: 63.4 (235.55)


Topic: The stone age: time, tecnologies,art, ritual

Authors: Volokitin, Alexandr V., Volokitina, Nadezhda A.


Over the past 50 years a number of Mesolithic sites have been discovered in the Northern Cis-Urals near Vychegda, Vym’ and Pechora rivers. However, very few of them were excavated and systematically studied by the archaeologists. This article presents the description of the archaeological site Martushevskaya 8. To our knowledge, this is the first report on excavations of the Mesolithic site in the upper reaches of the Pecho- ra river. Martushevskaya 8 is located on the right bank of the Severnaya Mylva river (tributary of the Pechora river), circa 2 km from the village of Mylva, Troitsk-Pechora district, the Komi Republic. It was discovered in 2013 by V.N. Karmanov and has been the subject of rescue excavations carried out in 2021 by N.A. Volokitina. The site was situated on the river terrace and partly destroyed, because a fire ditch and a forest roads go through this area. Despite this, a large collection of various flint artefacts and faunal remains has been discovered at Martushevskaya 8 during field research. Speciically, we found an accumulation of artefacts within two charcoal lens with a high concentration of bone fragments. On charcoal yielded radiocarbon dates 7850±60 years ago (GIN-14609). Preliminary analysis of the assemblages from Martushevskaya 8 shows similarities between this site and Mesolithic settlements of Topyd-Nyur 5 and Topyd-Nyur 7a located in the middle Pechora regio


Pechora river, Northern Cis-Urals, archaeological site, Mesolithic, flint inventory


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ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV