ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV

Mesolithic hoards of stone and bone tools: their structure and features

Year: 2022

Pages: 15-25

UDC: 903.8 (470) : 903.8 (470.5)

Number: Volume 22, issue 1

Type: scientific article

BBK: 63.4 (235.55)

DOI: DOI: https://

Topic: The stone age: time, tecnologies,art, ritual

Authors: Serikov, Yurii B.


This article discusses and summarizes the most noticeable features of Mesolithic hoards which were discovered on the territory of Russian Federation: in the Ural region (4), in Tver oblast (2) and in Arkhan- gelsk oblast (2). One hoard comes from the seasonal Mesolithic settlement Vyjka 2 (Sverdlovsk oblast). It was found in a fireplace and comprised 43 tools. All of them (blades and flakes) were struck from a single core. The tools were placed vertically in the packed earth. Lying closely together they formed the contents of a bag which a prehistoric hunter was carrying with him. Another hoard was discovered at the edge of the river ter- race at the Mesolithic site of Ogurdino (Perm Krai). The accumulation was composed of 6 partly ground stone axes randomly distributed over an excavated area. The only hoard located outside the territory of a sanctuary or settlement was found on the slope of Mount Trekhskalka, Nizhny Tagil. It consisted of 104 unusual stone tools (5 cores, a stone axe, 2 scrapers and 96 microliths). All of the latter displayed various use-wear traces, which suggests that they were inserted into bone shafts and used as parts of weapons which haven’t been preserved. Results Analysis of materials and sizes of the microliths shows that the assemblage could contain 2 daggers and 4 or 6 arrowheads. A unique Mesolithic hoard of stone tools was deposited in the wetland area of the Second Shore site of Gorbunovsky peatland (Sverdlovsk Oblast). It seemed to be a hunter-gatherer travel kit compris- ing 10 arrowheads. The assemblage could have been an accidental loss or a ritual sacrifice to gods specially placed in the water. Two hoards found at the Mesolithic sites Sobolevo 5 and Baranova gora (Tver oblast) were lying in small pits and composed of 8 and 47 stone tools respectively. Two more hoards of stone tools were discovered at the settlement of Veret’e 1 (Arkhangelsk oblast). They were enclosed in birch bark containers; one of them had 24 tools and another one – 29. Judging by the number of finds, their composition and distribu- tion, these hoards can be attributed to hunter-gatherer travel kits. It is suggested that these kits were buried with some ritual purposes.


European part of Russia, Urals, Mesolithic, hoards of stone and bone tools, travel kit


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ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV