ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV

Jewellery made of precious stones from the Chalcholithic site of Chashkinskoe Ozero 2 (Garinskaya culture)

Year: 2022

Pages: 26-34

UDC: 903.25 (470.53)

Number: Volume 22, issue 1

Type: scientific article

BBK: 63.4 (235.55)

DOI: https://

Topic: The stone age: time, tecnologies,art, ritual

Authors: Lychagina, Evgenia L., Smertina, Anastasya Y.


Seven pieces of jewellery, six pendants and one onlay, related to the Chalcolithic period are de- scribed and analyzed in this article. The artefacts were discovered in 2021 at the site of Chashkinskoye Ozero 2 (near Berezniki city, Perm Krai, Russia). They belong to the Garinskaya archaeological culture, one of the most developed Chalcolithic cultures of the Kama river region that dates to the end of the 4th – the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. The found jewellery is made of precious stones: serpentinite (2 specimens) and chlorite schist (5 specimens), each with a round hole with a diameter from 3 to 5 mm. The holes are drilled at one side of the items. Most part of them is broken around the hole. All pieces of jewellery are classified into three groups by form as: round (2 specimen), oval shaped (4 specimens) and tear-drop shaped (1 specimen). They also vary in size (15–30 mm) and thickness (2–4 mm). A comparative analysis suggests that the newly discovered items are structurally identical to those found in the 1950s-1970s at the other archaeological sites on the territory of the Upper and Middle Kama region. Similar examples of jewellery made from serpentinite and chlorite schist are were also studied at the Chalcolithic sites of the Middle Trans-Urals and the Southern Urals such as the settlement of Kara-Yakupovo, necropolises of Ust-Katavskaya 2 and Buranovskaya caves and the settlement under the rock cliff Starichny Greben. It should be noted, however, that jewellery assemblages from the Middle Trans-Urals and the Southern Urals regions mostly contain tear-drop shaped pendants, while the sets from the Kama River region display a greater variety in forms of such decorations. In the Lower Kama region items from precious stones were found at the Early Chalcolithic sites – Gulkinskoye 2, Tenishevskoye, Murzikhinskoye 2. This fact supports the idea that populations from the Lower Kama region took part in the formation of the Bor- skaya and Garinskaya archaeological cultures.


River region, Chalcolithic period, pendants, onlay, Garinskaya archaeological culture


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ISSN: 1814-1692 eISSN: 2782-2842 DOI: 10.31833/UAV